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*wakes up - or rather, cycles on - in comfortable Havens cabin bed*

*hears a noise outside the window...and sees the two young women who were scoping out one's fetching impromptu skirt/sari-and-business-shirt ensemble at last night's evening meal*


...That just happened, right?
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*hovers about thirty feet above the stables*

*slowly, but steadily dropping altitude*

Pardon me! I don’t want to crush anyone. Do excuse me. Pardon.

*all manner of beasts of burden bellow and shriek, some running for cover, some straining at their teathers, still others roar aggressively*

Goodness! I mean no harm!

*wing beats send big gusts of wind through the clearing, dust clouds the air*

*a stout pony is rolled right off her feet*


*finally finally sets down*
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*stirs from a deep sleep, wrapped snug in the bison skin in Temeraire's harness*

*feels light breeze and warm sun on face*

*slowly opens eyes...and sees Mount Axis for the first time, glowing gold and faint purple in the setting sun*


*rubs face and blinks again...and finally finds voice*

That...that's it. That's it!

*off everyone's puzzled silence, pointing frantically*

My...my paintings. Drawings. I mean...sketches. In the cell. Hundreds of them. Of that.

I must have drawn it a hundred times...I thought I made it up. I thought it wasn't real.

*stares at it, beyond words*
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*spots something after an hour or so of uneventful flying*

There! Is that it? Way in the distance - that little bump on the horizon? Is that Mount Axis?

Oh, but where is Sherlock going?
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*waddles over to a sheer cliff face and looks over the edge*



*PLUMMETS towards the bottom...but spreads wings at the last possible moment*


*arcs up beautifully into the wide blue sky*
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Do you need something before we leave, or can we just start flying?


We've been resting for a while now. I'm ready to get back to the Oracle.
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*scrambles up a sheer face of desert scree and spots everyone preparing to depart*

Aha! Hello? Hellooo?

*above the waist, is a cheery redhead dressed in a fetching goth / steampunk sort of outfit, complete with frilly black parasol*


*waves to attract attention, with free arm and both forward pincers*

...Um...excuse me? Hello! ...Yoo-hoo?


Oct. 12th, 2016 09:39 pm
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Oh, good heavens, now what's going on?!
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*finishes helping John and Loki tend the patients*

*takes a detour downriver, back to where we left the motorbikes*


*shrinks and stores them in knapsack*

*finds the worm we spoke to earlier who showed us the way to the prison*

Hello? Hello, my dear fellow! I'm so glad I found you. It seems we've accomplished most of what we set out to do, in no small part thanks to your help.

Would you like to join us in returning to The Havens? If you don't want to leave your desert home I'll quite understand, but really, it's so lovely there on the mountain, I can't begin to tell you: more gardens full of flowers and vegetables than you could ever dream of. And lots of neighbours to chat with.

I daresay it will be some time before we're fully ready for the journey, so there's plenty of time to talk things over. You and your wife would be most welcome in our company.
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*returns with the tarps and netting*

*drops them to the ground with a huge WHUMP! and a big cloud of dust*

Here we are! Hope this is enough.
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John, t-that is Sherlock. We're not sure how it happened, but he is now a... dragon.

As far as we know, he still has his human memories.

He's been asking for you and I'm sure he'll be very excited that you're awake now.

W-would you like me to wake him up?
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*stands guard at the mouth of the cave*

*for several hours*

*just begins to nod off...or the synth equivalent of nodding off, which is a power-down cycle...when suddenly there is a HUGE sound like cloth tearing, followed by a tremendous POP!!!*

*a group of people suddenly pop into existence a few feet away and go sprawling, a blur of arms and legs in the faint pre-dawn twilight*

*is fully awake now*

Wha - whoah! What? Who's there??
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*reaches the top of the stairs with the group of prisoners*

Excuse me. Pardon me. Excuse me. Sorry! I beg your pardon.

*emerges into a long corridor virtually identical to the one we were just in*

...Well now where on earth are we? Lumos!

*peers down the length of the corridor in both directions*

Well. I think I'd best go investigate. We ought to be reasonably certain of where we're going first if there are people who can't walk. Wait here, I won't be a moment.

*takes Archie's candle in one hand and wand in the other and goes some distance down the hallway...then comes to a familiar juncture*

Oh! But this is where we...we were just here! When we rescued... I wonder if...?

*follows the rough-hewn tunnel back to the room where Archie spent so many long miserable years...sees his books and drawings still scattered about the place, and withdraws an empty knapsack*


*all the books and drawings go flying into the knapsack, leaving the cell looking very bleak and barren*

*takes a moment to look around, wondering how anyone could bear living in such a place for so long...then rejoins the others*

I think I know the way out from here. At least, I hope I do. We got rather sidetracked the last time we were...

*spots Loki and Sam coming up the stairs*

Unless...Mister Loki, do you still have that mouse about you, by any chance?
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*hiding behind a bush a few dozen yards from where the river flows from beneath the prison*

*sees one of the dragons come flying in for a drink*

Oi! Pssst! Over here!
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*after a few minutes, the mouse leads us to a squat metal door with a circular latch, not unlike the ones found on submarines*

*mouse whirs to a stop*

I guess this is it.

*stoops to pick up mouse, then stand and adjusts helmet*

*takes a hold of the handle and tries to turn it*

Eeergh! It won't budge. Brothers Winchester, will you give me a hand?

*the Winchesters also grab onto the handle and together we manage to get it to turn*

Aha! That's done it!

*swings the door out and we are buffeted by humid air*

*instinctively smooths hair*

This looks like it leads to an cistern or some sort of underground water source. If there's water, there must be a way in.
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*trots over to make sure Smauglock is okay after the Divine Wind*


*Smauglock is dazed and his eyes are a little crossed; one is bloodshot*

Oh, dear. I didn't mean to hurt you. I only meant to stun. Sherlock have you been looking for John this whole time?


Feb. 17th, 2014 07:34 pm
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*hauling ass in an ATV full of guards, all of whom are absolutely bristling with weapons...apparently getting the hell out of dodge before we all end up as a dragon chew-toy*

*spots your group and pulls up, guards pointing weapons everywhere*

Well well well. Look what we have here...

*eyes you each in turn*

Oliver! Our own little Pinocchio. I should have killed you slower...ah well, there's always next time. And the Winchester brothers, named after a gun...*pitying look*...compensating for something, are we? And let's see...a squeaky little lab mouse; a munchkin; a carrot wearing a hat; a little boy in his Daddy's clothes; some dozy bird who's clearly just escaped from a cut-rate Ren Fair; a sulky goth with Daddy issues; an ex-army quack who can't keep his nose out of other peoples' business; and a big lizard out of his pen.

*clucks tongue*

How pathetic. It seems almost unsporting to kill such an underwhelming group of losers and wannabes, so I'll tell you what...

Hand over the freak, and no one gets hurt.


*oily grin*
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*creeps cautiously down the tunnel to the dimly-lit corridors, clutching the candle from Archie's table - which valiantly stayed lit through all the vortex business - and trying very hard to backtrack the route John led us to get down here*

Right. We turned right here, so it should be left. Or was it left to begin with? Oh dear...

*suddenly feels something approach...not a guard, or a creature...a force; invisible and inaudible, but making every hair stand up on the back of your neck*

I say...do you all feel that...?


*the presence overwhelms us, a perfectly transluscent but palpable mass...it's like walking against a strong wind with no sound, or trying to run in slow motion*

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~~ trigger warning - torture, coercion; slight suicidal ideation ~~

*takes point position again, leading the way down the long dark tunnel...still noticeably limping, and walking a little unsteadily now and then*

*finally comes to a heavy wooden door*

Okay. This is it. This is where they keep him.
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*sneaks up to the crack in the concrete and peers inside*

*sees a large basement storage-like room, with fluorescent lighting and several scary-looking devices within*

*an upright rack stands in pride of place, complete with ratchet wheel on the side, and a very familiar figure stretched out in its frame*

*a less familiar figure smoothly orbits the torture device and its victim...a man whose posture and expression clearly state that for him, this sort of scenario is both business and pleasure*
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