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keeping the darkness at bay

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Name:Small Things
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'I have found it is the small things...everyday deeds of ordinary folk...that keep the darkness at bay.'

- Gandalf the Grey

small_things is a multi-fandom RP for anyone who loves fictional characters.

Got an idea for a character? How about a storyline? Contact qthewetsprocket if you have any questions...or, just find a good point in the action and jump right in! We don't really have tightly-structured plots here; everyone chips in to help create the story moment by moment.

(Note: at its best, RP is basically improv...if you're wanting some ideas on how to participate, Tina Fey's Basic Rules of Improv is an excellent place to start.)

Questions? Comments? Need to share something with the rest of the group? Visit our war room / discussion comm: speedys_cafe

Something in the game really make you smile? Visit our squee comm: smallthingsrock

Have fun!

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