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Now, this beast will take us near the unguarded entrance. Then we hop off and sneak in. Should be simple enough. Those things won't notice us. Wyvern shouldn't notice us. The guards won't notice us. And if worst comes to worst, we can duck into one of the little mouse holes and hide for a while.

Once we're out of that horrible nasty place, we can hitch a ride on old Toby, Wyvern's dog. He's not fond of the Desert and he'd be glad to give us a ride out.

*thinks and gives a desperate sort of laugh*

Oh, dear. I've not got another bottle of pishsalver. We can't shrink John. Oh, my.

*casts a glance to the new acquaintances*

I don't suppose you have a plan which will work for five regular-sized people?

The Ravine

Jan. 28th, 2014 01:14 pm
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*points down*

Look! The terrain is changing! I think we're entering the Desert. We should be on the lookout for that cliff-dweller city!

*flies on as we all keep our eyes peeled*

*suddenly, a deep valley appears in the distance*

I bet that's the ravine the chap at The World's End told us about!

*we fly toward it and come in to land on a stretch of road that leads down into the abandoned city*

*dismounts and pulls up goggles*

Oh, I need to stretch my legs. I can't feel my thighs anymore.

*wobbles over near the edge of the cliff, but not so close as to tip over*

Wow. I wonder what happened to the people who lived here.
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*consults the map one more time just in case*

South to Sanatorius then on to the Great Salt Desert.

*straps on helmet and goggles*

We should probably take the road until we get far enough from the mountain that the dragon-bats-bird things won't attack us. What say you, ladies?
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*glides smoothly in to land at the side of the stream which is high and running quickly from snow-melt higher up in the mountains*

Yes, this will do nicely.

*plunges muzzle into the stream and takes a long drink*

Oh! It is very cold!
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*clings to Temeraire's harness for dear life as we glide and swoop and soar through the sky, absolutely howling with fear*

*wonders how this must look to Alice and Dean down at the mouth of the cave, and hopes they won't think we're in danger and cast a spell to bring us down*

Our friends! Our friends, Mister Temeraire! After Sherlock's flying lesson, we really should go down and retrieve them!
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*has a surprisingly good meal and good night's sleep at The Lamb's Quarters Inn at Thryke*

*gets up before the sun to sneak in at least some small first breakfast before we face the dragon*

*travels with companions back down the road to the entrance to the magic path*

Right then. Everyone ready?
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*rides out of Thrymme, having stocked up on supplies - thank goodness for Sybil's 'bigger on the inside' spell - looking rather comical in goggles, helmet, furs and earflap hat...the weather has taken on a decided chill the higher up we go*

*checks map*

Well, there are two Inns listed in Thryke. Let's hope one of them has room for four.

*grips sidecar nervously as the winding mountain road gets steeper and narrower...steeper and narrower...until the Impala, and finally, the motorbike and sidecar, cannot safely continue to travel on it*

Oh dear. Well...I suppose we'll just have to go the rest of the way on foot.
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*the motorbike silently rolls along the road to Thryke, Sybil's silencing spell has remained in place*

*Mount Axis recedes into the distances, fields speed past on either side, and a forest looms in the distance*

*looks down at Bilbo in the sidecar*

Not too crowded down there with the provisions, is it Bilbo?
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*arrives at the clearing where we parked with foodstuffs for the journey*

*waits for the others to arrive*
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*gets a good sound night's sleep*

*wakes early as usual to greet the sun*

*has simple first breakfast around the cooking fires, then seeks out the Ticket Ewok*

*learns more about the places we're going, and what provisions we'll need*

*has another luxurious wash, and brushes hair on head and feet*

*exits the washroom and sees everyone else is awake*

Ah. Good morning all. Everyone sleep well?


Dec. 2nd, 2013 09:37 pm
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*leads the group back over to the parking attendant Ewok*

*The Ewok holds out his hand for the red parking tickets*

Oh, no, no, we're not leaving yet. We'd like to stay the night, actually. Would you be so kind as to direct us to the sleeping quarters?

*The Ewok counts the group, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. He consults a book and points to a path going down and to the right*

That way?

*The Ewok jabbers and gestures that a free room is available, third door on the left*

Thank you! I hope you have a pleasant evening, sir!

*turns to leave, then remembers*

One more thing: I-I-I don't suppose we could trouble you for a couple of those maps?

*is handed two maps by the Ewok*

Thank you!

*turns to leave again*

Well, let's go, gang.

*leads the way down the slight slope.*
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*delivers The Great Oracle's Prophecy to our heroes*

The one known as Sherlock Holmes lies trapped in a dragon's cave in the northeastern mountains, some thirty leagues north of the village of Thryke.

The one known as John Watson languishes in a prison in the middle of the Great Salt Desert, in the southern scrublands of Sanatorius.

When you have retrieved them, you will return here for your final sacrifice.

Have you any further questions?
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*rides along with the Allsorts Biker Gang in companionable silence, enjoying the breathtaking views and the fresh mountain air*

*finally, after about half an hour, sees the road steepen sharply and then open out into a wide, flat area with a little hut beside it*

*a few animals - some recognisable, some not - graze contentedly on feed at either of two water trough/hitching posts straddling the open space*

*a creature looking very much like an elderly Ewok stands outside the hut chewing on a long stalk of grass*

...Well. I suppose this is where we park.

*dismounts and is instantly handed a red paper ticket by the Ewok*

Road Trip!

Nov. 29th, 2013 06:28 pm
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Everyone ready? Helmets on?

*gets nods from Molly and Sybil, Martin and his sidecar of Sybil's divination things, and Bilbo in the side car of Loki's bike*

*revs engine*

Off we go!

*pulls out of the back garden onto a dirt road*

*stops suddenly*

I've just realized I've no idea which way we're meant to be going.
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*puts potion ingredients in cauldron*


*chants incantations*

*stirs some more*

*tries a little taste...then adds more dried adderwing scales*

*peeks over cauldron rim to see if it's working*
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*settles on front porch with a few cats and an enormous cup of tea*

*laced with plentiful herbal soothers*

*puts feet up*


*suddenly sees a whopping great vortex swirl into existence and drop some people right in the middle of a thriving (if slightly overgrown) front garden*

Oh my word...?!
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*standing at the top of a parking garage in an abandoned hospital, silhouetted by the light of a full moon*

*slowly turns and swings brolly casually*

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Confusticate and bebother these dwarves! They'll wake the dragon from here with their blasted snoring!

*lies down some distance away and covers head with jacket, trying to shut out the noise*

*finally falls asleep*

*dreams of being back in the Shire*

Time Off

Jan. 27th, 2013 08:25 pm
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Sherlock, I'm going out.

*resounding silence from the irritating genius nose-deep into an experiment*

Right. Try not to blow up the flat while I'm out.

*goes to the pub*
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