Mar. 24th, 2014

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*reaches the top of the stairs with the group of prisoners*

Excuse me. Pardon me. Excuse me. Sorry! I beg your pardon.

*emerges into a long corridor virtually identical to the one we were just in*

...Well now where on earth are we? Lumos!

*peers down the length of the corridor in both directions*

Well. I think I'd best go investigate. We ought to be reasonably certain of where we're going first if there are people who can't walk. Wait here, I won't be a moment.

*takes Archie's candle in one hand and wand in the other and goes some distance down the hallway...then comes to a familiar juncture*

Oh! But this is where we...we were just here! When we rescued... I wonder if...?

*follows the rough-hewn tunnel back to the room where Archie spent so many long miserable years...sees his books and drawings still scattered about the place, and withdraws an empty knapsack*


*all the books and drawings go flying into the knapsack, leaving the cell looking very bleak and barren*

*takes a moment to look around, wondering how anyone could bear living in such a place for so long...then rejoins the others*

I think I know the way out from here. At least, I hope I do. We got rather sidetracked the last time we were...

*spots Loki and Sam coming up the stairs*

Unless...Mister Loki, do you still have that mouse about you, by any chance?


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